25 Mayıs 2012 Cuma

Final Examination

Final Examination covers the readings below:
  1. Eric Hobsbawm (1996) The Age of Revolution,1789-1848 [ch.1-3 and 9] 
  2. Eric Hobsbawm (1975) The Age of Capital, 1848-1871 [ch.2-3] 
  3. Eric Hobsbawm, (1989) The Age of Empire [Ch. 2 -3] 
  4. Ivan T. Berend, An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Europe: Economic Regimes from Laissez-Faire to Globalization. 
  5. Halil Inalcık, "The Ottoman Economic Mind and Aspects of the Ottoman Economy" in, The Ottoman Empire. Conquest, Organization and Economy. Collected Studies of H.Inalcık, London (1978) In Book Series: Variorum Collected Studies Series / 87
  6. Şevket Pamuk, "Ottoman Interventionism in Economic and Monetary Affairs", Revue D'Histoire Maghrebine, 25/91-92, 1998, pp. 361-67.
  7. Murat Birdal, The Political Economy of Ottoman Public Debt: Insolvency and European Financial Control in the Late Nineteenth Century, London-New York:I.B.Tauris Publishers
Some Questions: Forthcoming 

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